Why so Many Are Attracted to the State of Utah

As you travel through Nevada going east, or if you are going north from Arizona, you are going to pass through the beautiful state of Utah. It is a beautiful state, one that has very unique terrain that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There are national parks that have no compare, and it has a rich history in regard to settlements and will astound you if you choose the right places to go. The following places are ones that you should consider visiting once you get to this beautiful state in the western part of the US.

The Narrows

Almost like something out of a movie set, the Narrows is a location that will make you wonder how such things could exist. With the exception of seeing underwater formations that are similar, there are very few that look like this on land. It is the result of wind erosion, and potentially water erosion, with many unique colors. Once you are done there, head over to Bryce Canyon which is another beautiful spot.

Bryce Canyon

After heading through Zion National Park, keep going North East and you will end up in a place called Bryce Canyon. It is another beautiful location, complete with formations that will look as if water had carved them out. You should spend at least a day there, but it will probably take you three or four days to see the entire area.

These are just two of the many destinations that you can find when you get to Utah. There are also cities you can visit. Most people fly into Salt Lake City, and if that’s the case, you can simply head south to the southern portion of Utah to see these national monuments and beautiful rock formations.