Woman Holding onto a Canoe is Rescued from a Utah River

Photo courtesy Emery County Sheriff’s Office.

A woman held onto a capsized canoe for perhaps four hours before being rescued Thursday from a central Utah river.

The woman survived with no serious injuries. According to a news release from the Emery County Sheriff’s Office, the woman and her husband were floating the San Rafael River.

Their canoe capsized. The husband made it to shore, found someone with a satellite phone and called for help.

Emery County’s search and rescue team responded to the river between Fuller’s Bottom and Swinging Bridge and posted men on the river, according to the news release.

Approximate location of capsizing

The Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter flew from Salt Lake City. The crew located the woman, wearing her blue life jacket, in the river 8 miles from where the canoe capsized. She was still holding onto the canoe.

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